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Think Sex Education Is All About "The Facts of Life"?
Think Again.

If you think sex education is all about the birds and the bees, think again.

And it's not about science either.

In her shocking exposé, You're Teaching My Child What?, Dr. Miriam Grossman rips back the curtain on sex education today, exposing a sordid truth. Today's sex ed programs aren't based on science; they're based on liberal lies and politically correct propaganda that promote the illusion that children (yes, children) can be sexually free without risk.

As a psychiatrist and expert on sexual education, Dr. Grossman cites example after example of schools and organizations whitewashing—or omitting altogether—crucial information that doesn't fit in with their "PC" agenda. Instead, sex educators only tell teens the "facts of life" that promote acceptance, sexual exploration, and experimentation. What sex educators call an education, scientists would call a scam:

  • Sex educators won't tell girls their bodies are biologically and chemically more susceptible to STDs; they will only say 3 million girls have a sexually transmitted infection
  • Educators say it's natural for children to "explore" their sexuality from a young age and only they can decide when it's right to have sex—the real truth is neurobiologists say teen brains are not developed to fully reason and weigh consequences, especially in "the heat of the moment"
  • Sex educators try to normalize fringe behaviors—ignoring the health risks to your children

In You're Teaching My Child What?, Dr. Grossman reveals biological truths that you won't find in today's classrooms. You're Teaching My Child What? is critical reading for parents with teens and instrumental in teaching children the truth about sex.

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